A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Hi players of the world :) Let me introduce  you my new game. 

The arcade maze game uprk.cz consists of rescue a miner from a mysterious Egyptian maze. Idea of game is highly inspired by game Fred (ZX Spectrum 1984).

Complete all levels, avoid all the pitfalls and get in the Hall of Fame.

The game offers:
- 5 new levels of generated maze daily.
- A lot of enemies and pitfalls.
- Requires Internet access. (to download new maps)
- Hall of Fame with the top 100 players.
- Retro comic book style graphic.
- Multiplatform PC / android.
- No ads (for now), game is funded by voluntary donations and android app purchases.
- Virtual cursor control.
- Adding improvements.
- Support for CZ and EN language.

Game is responsive and run on modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge. 



movement: arrows, w,s,a,d
fire: spacebar
crouch: ctrl,c
menu: escape
movement in menu: arrows, tab, shift+tab
confirmation of choice in menu: spacebar, enter

Gamepads (Xbox One):

movement: left stick
fire: button A
crouch: button B
menu: button X
movement in menu: left stick
confirmation of choice in menu: button A

Touch screen:

movement: virtual cursor
fire: double-tap anywhere
crouch: slide the virtual cursor under the bottom arrow
menu: menu button in upper left corner
movement in menu: touch on your choice
confirmation of choice in menu: touch on your choice

Enjoy Uprk.cz and give me some feedback. I still make updates and enhancements. :)

Install instructions

Open web in any modern web.browser, or buy the game on play store. 

If you use web browser you can install it into like a app. 


play on uprk.cz

Also available on


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Hi everyone, what you think about it ? :)